In the Beginning

MONDAY NIGHT  the Everlasting Gospel Bible Series (EGBS) made history with its 1st TeleBible studies.  People from around the world were invited to call in AND invite their friends and family to do the same.

The response was better than anticipated!

The rebroadcast version is available online for one and all! Click here.

We’re studying about the Gospel of Jesus- using the book of Genesis. Incredible, isn’t it?  What really stood out for me and Leslie Waugh (I like her, she’s not shy…besides, she posted publicly on Facebook so I’m not putting her on blast) was the portion dealing with the power of God.

When we reviewed the awesome, Omnipotent power of God and His spoken word, we saw that the ONE FORCE able to render it null and void is our unbelief. Wow! How many times have I defied and blocked God’s will for my life because of my lack of faith?!

I closed the lesson with a prayer that the Creator of the Universe would create in us a clean heart that cooperates with Him more…a heart that BELIEVES.

I was blessed as were other attendees. Our next lesson is entitled, “God’s Will”. Do you know His will? Are you living it?  This lesson is DEEP. Download  your copy and begin studying.

Please email your comments or post them on our Facebook page or on this blog site. Either way, see you Monday!

……………AND TELL A FRIEND!  We’d like to ‘see’ 50 more people next Monday. Read Luke 14:23 to see why.


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