Ditching Church This Weekend?

It’s one thing to ditch church…it’s another thing to ditch God.  We do it all the time- and then justify it. What’s been your most recent justification? Ultimately, is there any justification?

God invites us to get ‘caught up’ in Him, yet we get caught up in everything else besides- and then ditch the relationship or manipulate it and make it something of our own devising. “God knows my heart”. “I worship Him MY way!” Are you serious?!

What do you do to people who relate to you in “their way” irrespective of your stated basic preferences and RIGHTS? Are you more honorable than God?

God is worth another chance…as are you. Take the time to determine His character and His prescription and provisions for your happiness and well-being. Start from the beginning: Genesis. I’m serious.

When was the last time you took part in a Bible studies that SCRATCHED THAT DIVINE ITCH?- that SLAKED YOUR THIRST? Take part in the Everlasting Gospel TeleBible Studies with me. Today!

Do it now. Download lesson 1 then listen to the audio of our last Bible studies session. I’ll be reviewing the answers and, hopefully, giving you plenty to think about.

We’re using Genesis to help us understand the Gospel of Jesus and its relevance to our daily lives (hum-drum, chaotic, busy, drama-filled, etc).

Most importantly, TAKE PART MONDAY in the Bible studies. We’re up to #2.

 Tell 25 of your friends. You never know who’s been silently searching. And next week, don’t ditch church. 


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