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­­­­­TeleBible studies: WHAT? 

TeleBible studies are Bible studies conducted by telephone.  Simple concept, right? Here are 6 reasons why we’re doing it.

TeleBible studies: WHY?

Who doesn’t have a God-sized hole in their ‘heart’?  We all do. It’s how we are built. And we remain unfulfilled until we fill it with the “Right Thing”.  Reason #1

I want more. My hunger and thirst –for God- is insatiable. I’m not alone. Now that He’s in my heart, the desire to know Him experientially has grown and I want to develop a relationship with Him that continually evolves and is a source of satisfaction to Him, me and others. I want to mature. I’ve matured as a woman: surely I can mature as a Christian.  Am I alone? NO WAY! Reason #2

I’m busy, locally stationed, desire a meaty Bible studies that reviews the basics but is advanced, and have found something worth sharing with the world (and, no, I’m not saying that because I created it). Reasons #3-6

Lastly, and most importantly, the ultimate reason is…well, browse around this blog (About, etc). It’s all there.

TeleBible studies: WHEN?

Monday nights at 9. Visit the homepage for more information and get your latest lesson.

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