God is Real and Can Be Trusted

How do I know?  Because I’ve tried Him for myself.

4 years ago I decided not to renew my teaching contract with the public school system. I had felt God’s hand on me and decided to answer His call to lay all on the altar, be His, and work for Him full time.

I’ll be honest: I didn’t fully comprehend what that meant- but I did know what I didn’t want it to mean…poverty! My willful blindness needlessly delayed my understanding of the totality of surrender involved with “being God’s”.  

It wasn’t until I was months in this “working-for-God-thing” that I began to realize the serious, enormous, and wonderful implications involved in surrendering to God:

1] I have to trust God.
I was coaching a client one evening who was pondering a major career move she felt was inspired by God. She was very perplexed, so I finally asked her, “Can God be trusted?” That was her light-bulb-moment…and, to my surprise, it was mine too. I realized then that I did not trust God (which was why I had launched a coaching practice rather than a ministry-smh). It was an embarrassing and sobering realization.

 2] Total dependence is required.
As a modern, independent, hard-working woman, I’ve had to learn how to allow God to “hold the door open” for me. “I got this!” has since changed to “God’s Got This!” (thank you Beverly Murphy).

3] I am wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked.
I’m not who I thought I was. I had clothed my character with the garments of education, religion and social grace-with a dash of NY toughness. God has shown me the shoddiness and ill-fittedness of said apparel and has engaged in a work to clothe me with His righteousness so that the shame of the real me remains hidden. Cover me Jesus!

It’s been 4 year and two months since that fateful day. God’s hand is still on me, I am still His, and I still work for Him full time (while I make ‘tents’ on the side). GOD IS REAL! And He has proven Himself worthy of my puny trust. 

These 4 years have been a delicious romance…and THAT, (Mr. you-know-who) is why I’m glowing- and thank you for noticing! 🙂  I never knew this was possible.

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