Elivis, Frank, Tupac, Michael Jackson, …and my loved one: where are they? Yes, they’ve ‘passed away’, but what does that really mean? Where are they? heaven? hell? purgatory? in space? What are they doing? And while I’m asking, what will it mean when I ‘pass away’?

These were the questions we explored during Monday night’s TeleBible Studies. There are SO many competing answers and beliefs regarding death and life after death. It’s flabergasting actually. Where does one begin to find the RIGHT answer?

You begin with a worldview. If that worldview involves God (the most logical) then you must go to Him and see what He says about the matter. That’s what we did Monday night, and in so doing, the questions got answered- logically and satisfactorily. The matter was settled.

I encourage everyone to seek out the answer to these pertinent questions. Review what we studied Monday night. Download Lesson 4 and complete it while following along with the audio from that night. Then share with your friends.

Lesson 5 is now available for download. I hope to ‘see’ you Monday. Our study hall is filling up, but there’s room for you and a few of your friends.

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