Pray Before You “Eat”…Eve!

What if Eve had prayed before she’d bitten the fruit? What if Adam had prayed? There is that split second that exists between contemplation and decision/action. Had either of them considered prayer at all? What would have happened if either of them had prayed?

We know happened. Neither prayed. Eve considered the logic of what the serpent was telling her and arrived at what seemed to be a very reasonable and logical conclusion….BUT IT WAS THE WRONG CONCLUSION!!!!!!!!!!! It was based on lies and was itself a lie.

What about Adam? The Bible says he wasn’t deceived. So it’s safe to say he just jumped to conclusions. Why, oh why didn’t you stop and pray Dad?

I’ve been thinking about this for a few years now until I realized this week,Esther, what if you had prayed FIRST? OMG! The ramifications of this were staggering and I just wanted to cry.

How many times have I been at the tree with the forbidden fruit? How many times have I conversed with the serpent (since when do they talk, btw?)? HOW MANY TIMES have I arrived at the wrong conclusion and led others to follow me in my sin?

I’ve spent a few days repenting. I’ve also spent a few days rejoicing in the Lord.  God has given me a gift. Regardless of the pain truth sometimes brings, it’s a gift. This gift, I’ve determined to share with the world on as many stages as God allows me to plant my feet upon. There are so many applications for this.

I love the book of Genesis. I love the Genesis TeleBible Studies that we have each week. God has given us a chance to revisit overlooked themes and under-appreciated Truths. My life is changing. My character is changing. My heart beats for God like it never had before. I want more. And I want to share.

Until my next entry…don’t wander from “Adam” (the 2nd one), stay away from the tree, serpents can’t talk (and if they do, it’s not the truth), and FIND THE TREE OF LIFE.

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