Is God Real?- My Testimony is Proof

by Maria Echevaria

Is God real?  Ask the little girl who grew up in a family of verbal abuse, alcoholism, drugs and depression.  Is God real? Ask that same girl who left home to marry a verbally abusive man, becomes pregnant and is left for another woman when the child is 2 years old.  Is God real?  Ask that girl when she moves to another state all alone with her child and has to find an apartment, find a job and buy a car.  Is God real?  Ask that same girl who has to leave her child with strangers in order to work to survive. 

People tell the girl how they admire her strength and courage.  What they don’t know is that every night she cries herself to sleep depressed, alone and exhausted.  Every morning she forces herself awake when she hears her child crying and prepares to face the world head-on again.

One day she attends a church and is welcomed by people as a family member.  She meets a woman who invites her to her house for lunch.  She hears of a Father who loves her and a Brother who died for her.  She has a hard time believing it. 

She attends a Seminar and learns more about this God Who created her and Who forgives her of her sins; a God Who judges the wicked and blesses the righteous and gives her hope of a better life eternally; a King Who gave up the glories of heaven, came down to this earth, became one of us to bring good news and died on a cross for her; a God Who is coming back one day to relieve her of her pain, sorrow and tears… forever.

She accepts what she hears as truth.  She goes to school to make a difference in the world.  She is able to go to school for free and becomes a nurse.  She is able to buy a house.  She looks back on her life and realizes all those time when she cried, when she felt alone, abandoned and scared, God was right there with her. 

All those times she wasn’t sure how she was going to feed herself and her child, He was there.  When she was in a car accident and the front end was totaled but she only had a seat belt bruise, God was there.  When she was two months late on her mortgage and received a check for the same amount she owed, God had to be there. 

Is God real?  Ask me, I will tell you… He is!!!!

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