I’m Not Done with You!

I sinned yesterday. No. I did more than sin…I SINNED!! My eyes were wide open, I dismissed that ‘still small voice’, and I did what I wanted to. I sinned. I felt so stupid later and low-down. I actually looked in the mirror and scolded myself. Thankfully, I was able to talk to God about things before I went to bed. I had to.

This morning, I talked to God some more. But guess what, I sinned today- different acts, but still…I sinned.  I spent a good portion of the day disgusted and frustrated with myself. I’ve had enough of me and my antics. I could barely face God this afternoon, but I knew I had to. AND I’M SO GLAD I DID.

I looked at God today through the lens of the Flood story (our topic for TeleBible Studies) and I saw something ELSE about Him to love! In Genesis 6:3 God said He will not always STRIVE with man. STRIVE… That word hit me like a ton of bricks. Yes, God has His limits, but how far is He willing to STRIVE with me?

 God destroyed the Earth with a Flood and He sometimes destroyed populations of people. Yes. And He will destroy this Earth (and the wicked with it) when Jesus comes. But today I actually took the time to consider how loooonnnngggg it takes for Him to do such a strange act. The Bible says this is something He is UNWILLING to do.

God STRIVES! My God is merciful, gracious, longsuffering, good, and forgiving. Instead of destroying me and giving me the justice I deserve, He took it out on Himself on Calvary. In the meantime, He invites me to come to Him, pulls me on His lap, shares His take of things with me, counsels me to ‘go and sin no more’, and then gives me the tools needed so I can obey. GOD STRIVES!

God knows my helplessness and has not only covered for it, but He has taken it upon Himself to give me a total “image” makeover. Why? God is love and He knows that one day He will settle the score with Satan and his wicked followers. But He STRIVES with me because He doesn’t want me to be caught in the crossfire.

How dare I…HOW DARE I do any less concerning my fellow man? How dare I be exacting, critical, and demeaning to those around me who frustrate and disappoint me with their foolishness? How dare I CUT SOMEONE OFF because they get on my nerves?

If God is not through with me yet, then I’m not through with you either. So don’t you be through with me, your spouse, kids, employer, employees, family, friends, etc…  STRIVE.  STRIVE with them with the same energy God uses to strive with you. LOVE MERCY.

God got angry with Israel for two reasons: they profaned His Sabbaths (and Him) AND they didn’t love mercy.

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