I’ve Been Scammed!

by Ronald Wheeler– NC

I recently took out a loan with an online service for a short period. About a week before the loan was due, I received a call from someone claiming to be a representative of the company claiming I had defaulted on my agreement and was to pay twice the amount agreed to as a means of preventing legal actions against me.

I asked for evidence of the breach believing I may have overlooked something, but the response I received was, “Pay now, or suffer!” I worried for a while until I contacted the originator of the loan who assured me this was not their agent. I felt relieved and concluded my business with this company at the agreed time.

This is similar to how Satan tries to destroy our relationship with Christ. He has “loaned” us bodies in which we dwell until He returns to “fulfill” the contract with new everlasting bodies. Satan uses deceit to try to convince us that we have “defaulted” on our agreement when we haven’t followed God’s instructions (in my case, owe no man anything but love), and wants to close the deal and steal whatever he may.

Just like the scam artists, Satan has no evidence for his claims- just his request that you pay! Pay with the feeling that you are less of a person because you fell into a trap of your making. Pay with thoughts of condemnation that dilute your praise. Pay by letting your feelings overrule your knowledge of God.

Christ, the Originator told me that my debt was already paid. There is no condemnation in Christ, so I got past those feelings. It was evident that Jesus is for me so who can be against me?

I’m still not where I want to be in the “finance” department but in Christ is where I need to be.

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