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Finishing Touches

by Guest Contributor, Terry Roselmond-Moore

Recently, I arrived quite early in the morning for a leadership conference, and went to the ladies’ room to comb my hair and powder my face.  I had intentionally left home extra early to get ahead of the horrendous Atlanta rush hour traffic and decided to wait until arriving at the conference center to finish combing my hair. Another conference attendee leaned over the sink next to mine, busily washing her hands. She looked my way, smiled, and asked, “Finishing touches? I smiled and said, “Yes.” 

Then the thought struck me: finishing touches! 

What finishing touches do I need to apply to my life to be ready for Christ’s return?  “Whoa!  Where did that thought come from?” I wondered.  I had no answer, but the thoughts kept coming.  What am I leaving undone? What have I postponed giving to God as I rush through my life, putting off the finishing touches for some other time? What have I postponed doing that’s preventing me from applying the finishing touches to my relationship with Jesus? These thoughts plagued me all day.  I knew it was the Holy Spirit speaking to me.

My heart had been fervently crying out to God with this verse from a well known hymn in the SDA Hymnal playing in my head, “Nothing between my soul and the Savior, so that His blessed face may be seen; nothing preventing the least of His favor; keep the way clear, let nothing between.”  And Psalms 34: 14-15:  “Depart from evil and do good; . . . . The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and His ears are open to their cry.” God had been listening to my silent cry.  

I am committed to prayerful and frequent examination of my life, looking for finishing touches to apply to my relationship with Jesus, so that nothing might come between my soul and the Savior. 

Let me ask you the question asked of me early one morning in a ladies’ room, the question that keeps bringing me to my knees: “Finishing Touches?”  

And what would your answer be to that very important question? Connect with Terry via Facebook and let her know.

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He Was Thinking Of Me!

by Maria Echevarria, Guest Contributor

When He created the sun and moon, He was thinking of how much I would enjoy sunsets and welcome the end of a hard day. 

When He created the trees, He was thinking of how much I would need to rest under one to refresh my soul in nature. 

 When He sent the flood, He knew I would experience great  loss. 

 When He parted the Red Sea for the Israelites,  He knew I would face obstacles. 

 When He asked Abraham to sacrifice His Son, He knew I would have to make some difficult choices.

 When He allowed Joseph to be enslaved & imprisoned, He knew I would be enslaved to debt. 

 When He allowed Job to lose everything to the point of losing His life, He knew I would have to let go of the worldly things that tie me to this earth. 

And, when He looked down and saw His Son in a manger, in the wilderness, baptized and finally hanging on a tree, He was thinking of me: thinking of how one day I would need a Savior to help me through the life I now live. 

 He was thinking of me; how much more should I be thinking of Him?

Do you have any evidence that God was and IS thinking of you? Share with us or connect with Maria via Facebook. Knowing that He has and does think about us can make all the difference in the world.

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