He Was Thinking Of Me!

by Maria Echevarria, Guest Contributor

When He created the sun and moon, He was thinking of how much I would enjoy sunsets and welcome the end of a hard day. 

When He created the trees, He was thinking of how much I would need to rest under one to refresh my soul in nature. 

 When He sent the flood, He knew I would experience great  loss. 

 When He parted the Red Sea for the Israelites,  He knew I would face obstacles. 

 When He asked Abraham to sacrifice His Son, He knew I would have to make some difficult choices.

 When He allowed Joseph to be enslaved & imprisoned, He knew I would be enslaved to debt. 

 When He allowed Job to lose everything to the point of losing His life, He knew I would have to let go of the worldly things that tie me to this earth. 

And, when He looked down and saw His Son in a manger, in the wilderness, baptized and finally hanging on a tree, He was thinking of me: thinking of how one day I would need a Savior to help me through the life I now live. 

 He was thinking of me; how much more should I be thinking of Him?

Do you have any evidence that God was and IS thinking of you? Share with us or connect with Maria via Facebook. Knowing that He has and does think about us can make all the difference in the world.

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