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Meditations of My Heart

Gentle Father,

What right do I have to be angry at another person…

Please fill me with Your Spirit, so I can be just as patient, loving, and understanding of others’ shortcomings as You are of mine. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Meditation of My Heart

Father, life seems so unjust and unfair. I pray today for my friends dealing with rejection & bitterness.

You are the One Who binds up wounds and heals the broken-hearted. I pray Your anointing over them to destroy every yoke of bondage that would undo Your work of redemption. Give them a new heart and right spirit so they can forgive as You have forgiven them. Give them the sense of compassion that You have for them. Stroke each of our hearts with Your gentle touch until we thrill with delight. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Meditations of My Heart

Dear Lord, please increase my friends’ desire for You so that it overrides their fleshly lusts.

Let their love for You become what matters most, overflowing into every area of life, impacting every relationship. Do a work in them, oh God, that is worthy of Your name. Let Your divine self-assurance obliterate any and all unbelief. Amen.

Meditation of My Heart

Father, I rest in Your will and wisdom… I don’t always have to understand.

Please regenerate me with Your Spirit and lead me to wait patiently and quietly for ALL things to work out for good. Until then, I wait…patiently and quietly.  Thank You! Amen.

Meditations of My Heart

My Lord, as my friends advance in the School of Life please give them the perspective of PRAISE as they look back over the years.

All was not wasted. Though mistakes were made, Your Providence saw to it that lessons were learned and life & sanity were preserved. By Your Holy Spirit, please increase their capacity to learn and quicken that knowledge in the face of every new test. Please make them true learners in the school of grace. In Jesus’ name, amen.



Mediations of My Heart

Oh Lord, please bless my friends in ministry: pastors, Bible workers, LE’s,  ME’s, teachers, etc.

Your work demands supernatural wisdom and power if it’s to be done with perfection. They can only execute Your will as You constrain them. They can only glorify You as You glorify them. Keep them blind (and deaf) to the latter and ever vocal as it pertains to the former. Amen.

Meditations of My Heart

Dear Lord, please increase my desire for You so that it overrides my fleshly lusts.

I am willing to spare no expense. Nothing I have is worth keeping. Do a work in me, Oh God that is worthy of Your name. Let Your divine self-assurance obliterate my carnal unbelief.

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