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Church Plant Chronicles (ep1)


What do you do when the Omnipotent God does something with “your” life that you neither expected nor wanted? Pitch a fit!

Well, that’s what I did. I got the news that my conference selected/approved me as a Missional Pastor January, 2013 and I pitched a fit worthy of a 2 year old. Why? 1st, I’m a woman and I figured (wrongly) that women couldn’t be pastors. 2nd, it was not the kind of work I wanted to do for God!

Sure, I’d left my wonderful career to work for the Lord full-time, but it was to be on MY terms (apparently). God is so amazing, isn’t He? He rarely, if ever, calls the qualified lol. I guess I’m one of those people who say, “I surrender ALL…” but have no idea what “ALL” means. God is gentle, kind, and patient.

God won, by the way. 9 months after my fit, I pioneered with a small group of die-hards and have planted a church in East Point, GA (Fulton County Mission Group) and am the lay-pastor. Go figure! And I’m blissfully happy and in my element, ‘who’d have thunk it?’

God is gentle, yet firm with His humblings. Below is a Sermon Jam I created from 1 of my latest sermons.  God blessed me as I prepared and delivered the message. John 17 means so much to me now, for it’s given me my purpose, mission, objectives, and aim. I’d like to think that I’ll never pitch a fit before God again. This sermon- I believe- did it’s job.

Be blessed! Click the link.

Sermon Jam

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