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Church Plant Chronicles (ep2)

leaping ladyONLY GOD!

Say it with me, “Only God!” You and I have many reasons why we could say this, but here’s our latest reason for saying it: our offering for world missions tripled! ONLY GOD!

We know it’s, “Only God” because our membership hasn’t tripled, nor have our personal incomes. Those who are un- or underemployed still are. We are shouting, “Only God!” because God has shown His faithfulness and care for our little church plant that has covenanted with Him and taken our place among His “cattle on a thousand hills”.

We believe that it is our duty to prayerfully and financially help other mission groups around the world. Yes, we are just a poor, tiny church plant ourselves, but we know we are not the only ones. We also know that God has encouraged us to prioritize others above ourselves. So, with this in mind we agreed, before God, to tithe our end-of-quarter balance, trusting Him to supply our need. Furthermore, because Treasury is a ministry- not just a position, I had asked my treasurer to privately set a world mission giving goal with God for us (to be revealed at the end of Q4- knowing her it’s probably 5 figures! lol).

God said, “Give” and that’s what we have done. At this time, such giving seems impractical and risky, but when God’s Omnipotence looms larger, it’s UNBELIEF that becomes impractical! We’ve put our practical concerns and needs in the hands of Him Who’s commanded and promised.

When the financial report for Q2 was done, I asked one question, “What did we give for missions?” My heart nearly jumped out of my chest when the Treasurer said, “It’s tripled from last quarter”. For this to triple, our church budget had to have tripled. ONLY GOD! No guilt trips, no fundraising- just God, doing what He does best. There’s a blurb in our bulletin and it reads, “Prayer- not people, not funds- is the premium fuel of church plants.”

ONLY GOD can touch hearts to give systematically.

ONLY GOD can touch hearts to give sacrificially.leap silhouette

ONLY GOD can multiply two fish and five loaves to meet a massive need and leave a surplus.

ONLY GOD can plant a mission group with just 2 women and grow it into a solid, community filled church.

This is Fulton County Mission Group’s testimony to the world and claim to fame. May it be yours too: ONLY GOD!


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