The Everlasting Gospel Bible Study Series is authored by Sister Esther Green. Her commission from God is to T.E.A.C.H:

Train participants to rightly divide the Word of Truth

Equip people with a more profound, life-changing KNOWledge of Christ within the context of Revelation 14:6-12.

Advance people’s understanding of worship and its deeper implications.

Coach people in their understanding of spiritual “Rest”: Trusting God’s will, God’s way, God’s time!

Help participants to apprehend God’s true heart and purpose for them and His remnant church.

Born and raised in New York City, Esther now makes her home outside of Atlanta. Esther is a former English teacher by trade [college and secondary level], a Certified Life and Wellness Coach, and is the lay-pastor of a church in East Point, GA.

Esther loves the Lord and leading people to grow and mature in Him. Her purpose and mission is to be a means through which God conveys the Truth of Himself to the world.



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