Prayer Group

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I’m glad you’re interested in joining us for prayer, development, discipleship, and support.

Here are the details:

1 day p/week for 1 hr, we will meet together via teleconference call (the number will be posted on the group’s Facebook pg).  Our group size will max at 10.

Each session we will discuss prayer essentials and then put them into practice on-the-spot while we are together, and throughout the week on our own. Participants are encouraged to share the issues they are dealing with and together we’ll help each other apply what we’ve learned from the scriptures.

We will use our FB Group Wall and whatever other means of communication we desire to support one another and share praises/requests.

Our discussions will be based on the book, “Getting Through to God…a book about communicating with God for yourself, but mostly for others.”– Pastor Glenn Coon. $15

This is a workbook based on Pastor Coon’s ABC’s of Prayer where he outlines all that Jesus told us about prayer.

It’s an awesome book. As a result, prayer has become the breath of my soul, and I praise and glorify God! And I am determined to share it with the world via local and Virtual Prayer Fellowship Groups.

I have started a few groups in ATL and I know that most of you will start local groups on your own just like I have…of that, I’m sure.

STILL INTERESTED? Inbox me in FB or just hit my wall or comment below.

Tell me the potential days & times that work best for you (choose from SUN-WED 10am-9pm); a time when your background is quiet and you can concentrate.

I will contact you re: the times and we’ll take it from there.


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