The Series

Ripening the earth’s harvest (Revelation 14:15)

When was the last time you engaged in a Bible study that inspired you…matured you…motivated you…touched you…changed you…healed you?

The Everlasting Gospel Bible Studies (EGBS) was inspired by God to do all of this and more. The Lord has taken it upon Himself to arouse His slumbering church, marshal His furloughed troops, and gather His scattered sheep with these lessons.

The series involves three distinct sets of lessons:

  1. The Everlasting Gospel in Genesis 
  2. The Testimony of Jesus in Exodus 
  3. Behind the Veil

These series have been used for Sabbath School, small groups, and homeless ministries! They have proven to be a blessing to hundreds regardless of their biblical knowledge. View a few testimonials.

How often have you longed for Bible studies that penetrate deeply-and spur you to action?

It’s here! Act now:

  • Secure your copy of the lessons from Amazon or via the author.
  • Participate in the TeleBible Studies beginning soon and take part in this life-changing worldwide Bible study with others. Please be so kind as to RSVP here: let us know you are coming!
  • Schedule the Series or a mini-series at your church

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