Our prayer has always been that God would use these lessons to lead people to a deeper, more profound, life-changing revelation of Christ. Below are a few testimonials that confirm God’s answer to prayer. To God be the glory!

The Bible studies are well laid out, inspirational and have a healthy balance between the Bible and Spirit of Prophesy! Great tool to use in small or large study groups.

Studying these Bible studies have given me a deeper understanding and a bigger picture of God’s plan for my life.  It has opened my eyes even more that what He wants from us is our obedience and not our compromise.
J. Spalding

Esther Green has been my Bible teacher for approximately two years.   Somewhere around 2008 I began prayerfully seeking someone who could help to broaden and enlighten my understanding of the word of God.  God works in mysterious ways…….  While searching for a church closer to my home due to the high cost of gasoline prices that began in 2009 I found All Nations SDA Church and Sister Esther Green.  Prayer No. 1 had been answered.  

Esther’s spiritual gift is truly that of an educator.  She brings to class each Sabbath excitement and knowledge about the word of God.  Moreover, her patience, enthusiasm, and encouragement never waivers.  Her motto is to “dig deeper” as we read and share our opinions about the Bible.  As any good instructor she corrects us when necessary without making us feel foolish.  She always gives us a clearer viewpoint and understanding.  The focus is always the word of God.  I always leave the classroom more knowledgeable than when I entered.  Prayer No. 2 answered.    

Although I am an older woman I am a child in understanding the word of God.  I believe as long as there is breath there is life and the ability to learn.  I also believe life is developing and maintaining a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  You cannot have a personal relationship with anyone unless you know that person intimately.   I no longer pick up the Bible half halfheartedly but with an eagerness to learn more about Jesus Christ and the plans He has for my life.   I attribute that desire and eagerness to the teachings of Esther Green inspired and led by the Holy Spirit and my wonderful fellow classmates.  Prayer No. 3 answered. 

Lastly, it has been an honor to be a participant in a classroom setting again.   Esther’s ministry has meant so much to me.   I see the fruits of her labor and God’s handiwork in my life each day.
V. Leacock

I am really excited about the Studies. They help me in the Literature Evangelism Ministry to be able to better understand and explain the scriptures. I know God sent me here  for such a time as this. Thank you.
I. Wilkerson

These Bible studies have helped me dig deeper in certain Bible stories, and have increased my longing for worship and time with God even more. Hearing others get involved in Bible discussions in her study has led me to read more and also participate more confidently in biblical discussions. These Bible studies have truly been a blessing and a great addition to my worship experience.

J. Williams


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